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Hermès “Petit h” Exhibition and Collection

hermes petit h
Hermès has launched a creative project/lab/collection that gives designers and artisans Hermès scraps and left over materials so that they may recreate them into something new. Dubbed Petit h, in homage to the big H in Hermès, the traveling collection is exhibited and sold in different cities. Later this month the Petit h collection will be shown in Berlin and it will come stateside to New York City later this year from November 2-23 at the Hermès boutique at 691 Madison Avenue. This collection looks very cool I can’t wait to see what the designers and artisans have come up with!

Hermès “Petit H” by Mary Clerté & Edouard Bertrand from Mary Clerté & Edouard Bertrand on Vimeo.

Directors: Mary Clerté & Edouard Bertrand

DOP: Marco Graziaplena
Animator: Victor Haegelin

Edit: Edouard Mailaender
Color Grading: Moshé Dichi
VFX: Royal Post
Production: Partizan/Darkroom
Producer: Olivier Bassuet
Line Producer: Anne Laure Godinho


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