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Fashion Meets Music: Lana Del Rey “Blue Jeans”

lana del rey blue jeans get the look
I love Lana Del Rey, fake lips and all. Her most recent video release was for her single Blue Jeans and she took her retro look once again and set it to the backdrop of old Hollywood. I love how her looks can seamlessly go back and forth from sexy sixties chanteuse to glamorous 1930s Hollywood starlet.

lana del rey blue jeans get the look

For her Blue Jeans video Lana Del Rey went with the 1930s fallen starlet look. The video is quite simple, it’s just her, her beau (whom you may remember from her Born to Die video) and a shimmering pool with some alligators for some extra pizzazz. Her look is pretty bare but there are a few key components that would be great to wear poolside or at the beach. Here’s some suggestions on getting the look and a video tutorial on perfecting those waves…
lana del rey blue jeans get the look

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