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Fashion Meets Music: Grimes “Oblivion”

grimes oblivion fashion style

I was hooked on Grimes the moment I heard her sweet voice against the hypnotic beats of Oblivion, the first video from her album Visions.  Set against a backdrop of motocross, football and lots of testosterone, we see Grimes dancing and singing her way through the locker room and games.  The simple melodies are off-set by her not-so-simple ensembles and hair color. 

Grimes has taken what look to be vintage finds and piled on pieces you wouldn’t normally pair together and made them look seamless.  I think what makes Grimes’ look so unique is that a lot of her pieces look like they were found in a thrift shop so her look is more unique than packaged. 

That said, you can definitely channel Grimes, and don’t be afraid of digging in the racks at your local thrift store! Just don’t forget your fingerless skull gloves to complete the look…

grimes oblivion fashion style

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