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CoreBody Reformer Challenge: Week 5 and Waist Trimmer Belt Review

empower fitness waist trimmer belt

Last week was week 5 of my six-week CoreBody Reformer challenge and I’ve been making good progress. At this stage of the workout the sessions are about hour with one full body workout and then an ab workout or stretch session tacked on. I definitely feel more strength in my arms, legs and glutes and exercises that were difficult are getting easier for me. What’s great about the CBR is that once something starts getting easy, you can add more resistance which I will probably do this week.

I thought I’d talk about the Empower Waist Trimmer Belt that I was sent to review because I’ve been wearing them with all of my workouts – running and with the CoreBody Reformer. The waist trimmer is made from neoprene and is designed to preserve body heat, promote water loss, and provide extra back support during exercise.

When I take my belt off it’s soaking wet each time. Yes, the water loss is temporary so don’t think that you’re belly will be gone just by wearing the belt. What I find most helpful is the support it gives me. I feel like the belt helps me keep my core aligned so that I can do my workouts properly. I used to have great posture (and a flat tummy) before the baby but with the pregnancy and carrying the tiny dancer I tend to hunch more than I would like. The belt helps me keep my back straight and it also helps me keep my tummy pulled in and I don’t feel so jiggly.

Ok, one more week to go – wish me luck!

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