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Ask MISSter Simms: More Than A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Daddies

Can you turn a sugar daddy into a real boyfriend?

Dear MISSter Simms,

I recently met a 43-year-old guy on a website for people interested in sugar daddies.  I am 21 and just about to finish up college.  I’ve only met up with this guy a handful of times, but each time I’ve had a great experience.  So far he’s been a gentleman in every aspect, even going so far as to please me first when we’ve had sex.  I actually wish I could see him more, but his work schedule prevents that from happening.  
Sounds like a good situation, right?  It is…for the most part.  The problem I have is that I’m developing feelings for this guy, but I don’t know exactly where we stand or even if I should be having these feelings considering we met on a sugar daddy website.  Our encounters have seemed more like casual dating than anything else.  We communicate with each other on a pretty regular basis now, and there hasn’t really been any strict discussion about “payment.”  He’s taken me on dates, and we’ve had sex, but I never once really thought about asking him to buy me the expensive things I was originally looking for because I’ve been enjoying his company too much.
What should I do?  Should I try to have a talk with him about us and where this is heading?  Should I just wait and see where it goes?  Should I even think about having a relationship with someone I intended to date just so I could get nice things I couldn’t afford otherwise?
Sugar Daddy Lover
Dear SDL,
You need to keep your eyes on the prize.  Remember why you met this guy in the first place.  You didn’t meet him on something normal like Match.com or MySpace or something.  No, you met him on some random sugar daddy hook up site.  You were looking for some financial help, and he was looking for some hot booty action.  If it becomes more than that, then sweet.  But definitely don’t expect or even hope that it’ll become more because you’ll just be setting yourself up to get your feelings hurt.  Also, the dude is twice your age, and twice your age equals old as hell.  He could just be old and single, but he could also be a Hugh Hefner-type-of-ballin’ playboy (meaning multiple side chicks) or actually have a family he hasn’t told you about.  All I’m saying is, don’t put your eggs into one basket and date people your age while you’re reaping the benefits of this sugar daddy.  If he has feelings for you, too, you can cut off all your other boos.  If he’s just using you for your nubile young body, though, at least you’ll have other dudes to fall back on.  Dudes that probably don’t need a prescription for Viagra.
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