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She’s Got Sole: Wedge Sneakers On The Rise

Over the past couple months there has been a growing number of brands and designers who have created some sort of wedge style sneaker. Initially, I thought the trend would fizzle fairly quickly, but these high-heeled kicks are still multiplying. If you’re down for the cause, there are styles ranging from comma to common in price. We first caught a glimpse of the design in Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’ video as she channeled her inner Ralph Tresvant and danced around in the Isabel Marant sneaker. Since then, Alicia Keys, Tracy Ellis Ross, Ciara, and Willow Smith have all been spotted rocking the newest lady shoe.

1. Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker, $225 (

2. Elena Iachai Wedge Sneaker, $392 (

3. Serafini Manhattan Sneaker, $300 (

4. Isabel Marant Willow Sneaker, $760 (

5. Nike Wedge Dunk, TBA

What do you gals think? Are we on to some new hotness, or is it too much?

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One Response to “She’s Got Sole: Wedge Sneakers On The Rise”

  1. A The Great says:

    I just did a post about this in the FSF blog. I was down for it in the beginning but I have qucikly grown tired of the sneaker wedge. To me it already has fizzled out before it really has popped off to the masses. I will completely pass on this look all together.


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