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NCLA x Melody Ehsani Launch Party Recap

We talked about the infamous NCLA x Melody Ehsani nail wraps late last week. But last Thursday we were able to attend the launch party to see and try out the products firsthand.

Jewelry designer Melody Ehsani and luxury nail brand NCLA filled the night with cocktails, cotton candy and nail artists providing complimentary  nail wraps. A DJ played non-stop hits to a courtyard full of beautiful people; the event created the scene for a perfect girls’ night out.

The hostess’ close friends and family in addition to the who’s who of LA’s fashion and beauty industries were in attendance. We even bumped into two ladies recently featured in Women Making History: GIOGO!

The Ladies of GIOGO

Later in the evening we had a chance to get our nails done by the beautiful Shawanna who without hesitation added her own flair to the already dope designs we had to choose from (she wrapped one design diagonally since I have a wide thumb). I opted for a mix of “Money Green” and “I See You” wraps. The “Money Green” wraps are a lot darker than pictured in their ads which look amazing on! Although “I Don’t Play Nice” seemed to be the #1 hit for the night.

Verdict: the nail wraps are pretty fool proof and totally worth it. No smudges or messing up designs due to unsteady hands. If you do somehow find a way to mess it up, just add a little base coat in the cracks and push down! Our only critique is that the nail adhesive seems to have a bad reaction with cold weather. Cool thing is, you can move somewhere warmer, go back to step 1 and fix them up like new!

Photos by Feesh

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