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M.I.S.S. Beauty – Recreate the Runway: Shiseido for Michael Kors Fall 2012

You thought it was going to be another NARS runway look, right? I wanted to mix it up a little bit so this time I wanted to share the beauty look created for Micheal Kors’ Fall 2012 collection by Shiseido’s own creative director, Dick Page.  Page took inspiration from Kors’ Fall 2012 when creating his “classic, sportiff” look. “The connotation of sportiff in Europe is energetic and the look is all about the woman who’s living this life, who’s very chic and made of money.” That is exactly what the editors saw on the runway: cozy yet luxurious sexy looks in colors every girl wants to wear – from ivory and camel to crimson and charcoal – with a “head-to-toe brightness” that was “fresh and real.”

Face: The Michael Kors face featured a “bloody, wonky flush, like a morning after skiing, an hour in the hot tub, or some good sex”.

Wow, that must be really good sex!

Dick started this look with a clean moisturized base and a wash of Radiant Lifting Foundation (avail. Fall 2012) to smooth out any redness and/or imperfections. To create a chevron-shape flush on the cheeks, Dick blended Lacquer Rouge in Drama (RD501), a lipstick with concentrated color, onto the apple of the cheeks, along with a dab of foundation using a damp Foundation Sponge Puff.

Eyes: The eyes were given a “transparent, easy, flexible” treatment that resulted in a “very, chic”, wearable look for day or night.

To create weight in the brow, Dick mixed a blend customized to each model’s natural brow color using Shimmering Eye Cream Color in Sable (BR709), Meadow (BE204), Caviar (BK192), and Leather (BR306).  Using a shadow fluff brush, Dick blended Luminizing Satin Face Color Soft Beam Gold (BE206) and High Beam White (WT905) and applied the color to the inner corner of the eye, blending out over the entire lid.

Tip: when mixing color, use a bit more of the High Beam White shade to keep the blend bright.

Lips: Red lips on the Michael Kors runway felt very “winter, emulating “apres ski and sex” – an approach fitting for the confident Kors woman.

Dick first took down the natural lip color with a touch of foundation. Then he applied Lacquer Rouge in Drama (RD501) to the entire lip in a defined, precise manner. He blotted with tissue and reapplied three times in order to set the color.

And here’s my attempt to recreate this look for real life:

On my eyes I applied Urban Decay’s Foxy (creamy, matte bisque) from the NAKED 2 palette and then I applied UD Booty Call (shimmery pearl champagne), also from the N2 palette on the lid only. After, I took MAC Universal Mix pigment (white gold) and applied on top of Booty Call on the lid only. I complete my eyes by curling and adding many layers of Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara.

For my face: I apply NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Annapurna) to smooth out my imperfections. I suppressed all urges and did not apply any bronzer or highlighting creams – still shocked about that. I took MAC’s color cream base in Movie Star Red and dotted from the apple of cheek along my cheekbone toward my temples. Before blending I took my finger and brought the color straight down (from apple of cheek towards my jaw bone but not quite all the way down). I then blended with my fingers and then I turned to my dual fiber, MAC #287, a.k.a. Skunk Brush for more of a polished look.

For lips: I lined my lips with a deep cherry red liner, NYX Lipliner Pencil, #804 Cabaret. I then used the same cream color base, Movie Star Red on my lips. I dotted it carefully so I didn’t mess up my drawn lip line. I was left with a matte cherry, red lip.

That’s it. This is possibly the easiest look I have recreated so far. Being a brunette, I just love this look – the dark hair balances out the red lip for me. It’s simple, feminine and pretty. I have done this look when I’m pressed for time in the mornings and I don’t have enough time to a dramatic eye for the work day or on weekends when I don’t want to bother at all. I just tone down the cheek color because even I don’t have the balls to wear a deep red rouged cheek.

I love that this look doesn’t take a whole lot of makeup to look polished. To me, this is a modern day Snow White look. Sorry, that’s what motherhood sometimes does – you associate beauty looks with Disney Princesses. Plus, I felt awkward putting Snow White and the word sex in one sentence.

If this has piqued your interest in Shiseido, good news – their Spring 2012 has launched:

·         Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF42 ($30): An ultra-light, oil-free UVA/UVB sun protection lotion with a matte-finish. Fends off smoke, smog and sun!
·         White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum ($125): Diminishes dark spots in ten days and prevents future pigmentation from appearing by inhibiting melanin formation at all four stages.
·         White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream ($55): Reduces dark-circles by combating poor microcirculation and pigmentation issues with Shiseido’s patented Multi-Target Vitamin C technology. Great when concealer just isn’t enough!
·         Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream ($55): Shiseido scientists evaluated 20,000+ ingredients to produce this superior wrinkle-smoothing technology that fights all five types of eye area wrinkles. 
·         Perfect Mascara Full Definition ($24): The dual-textured brush captures individual lashes with a nourishing formula that lasts up to sixteen-hours without clumping. Available in two shades – Black (BK901) and Brown (BR602).
·         Shimmering Rouge ($25): Uses Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE to moisturize lips during daily wear. Available in seven new shades: Opal (PK214), Sorbet (PK415), Mango (OR316), Butterscotch (BR317), Sugar Plum (RD718), Temptress (RD320) and Venus (RS619, my personal favorite!!).
·         Shimmering Cream Eye Colors ($25): Inspired by Artistic Director Dick Page’s photography, these eye shadows can be blended to create impeccable color. The three new shades include: Ice (BL215), Sunshower (OR313) and Pale Shell (PK214). Try mixing Sunshower and Pale Shell for a light, peachy hue, perfect for Spring!

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