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Celebrity Style: Sexy in Sheer

Spring has definitely sprung and it’s time to show a little skin! Sheer is the perfect medium. It shows skin without you actually being bare. It’s like an extra layer of style and comfort that can sometimes help you avoid a wardrobe malfunction. It is all about simple lightweight fabrics in spring and summer.

I would definitely recommend a cute girly bra or plain camisole underneath if you’re wearing a sheer shirt. Try to keep the look simple and easy going. Elizabeth Olsen’s look is definitely a great example of a cute spring outfit. She only wore solid pieces with a statement. You can never go wrong with that. It’s stylish and sophisticated without looking too trendy. These sheer pieces are everywhere! It was very easy picking out something for everyone. Whether you want to show legs, tummy, or a little chest.

A. Mi Casaba Es Tu Casaba Top $52.99
B. Pleated Sheer Blouse $74.00
C. Silk Tank Top $222.00
D. Twight Blue Silk Top $265.00
E. Black haughty skirt $209.00
F. Nude Sheer Drop Back Skirt $61.00
G. Sheer Mesh Black Tank Dress $36.00
H. Appliquéd ruched-tulle dress $164.00

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