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PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone DVD Review

PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone

Before I had a baby I loved doing yoga. I’d go to the gym three times a week and take a class. Now that I have a baby I don’t get to the gym very often so if I want to do yoga, I have to do it at home. I don’t mind doing yoga at home but it’s hard to find good videos because many of the videos on the market are for beginners so I found them to be too easy. Not only that, but yoga video  producers feel that they need to make the DVD completely “zen” so the videos always feature New Age music or nature sounds and are usually filmed in a natural setting.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it just gets tired.  And frankly, I don’t want to watch you do yoga on the beach when I’m stuck in my living room, ok?

I was offered the chance to try PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone and I jumped at the chance because I have a yoga dvd that I’ve been enjoying (I managed to find one) but it was getting repetitive and I wanted to add something new to the mix.  The first thing that struck me about PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone is the way it’s filmed – it’s a yoga video for the 21st century.  It’s filmed in black and white in a yoga studio in an urban setting and the music is relaxing without sounding like wind chimes.  I found the visuals refreshing and a welcome change to many of the yoga DVDs out today.

PranaVayu is a unique style of Vinyasa yoga that is at once both physical and meditative in nature.  Developed in 2001 by David Magone, PranaVayu yoga as a practice blends specialized vinyasa sequencing, a unique system of skeletal alignment principles, meditative practices, and a Buddhist philosophy to facilitate positive mind/body change.  I enjoyed the flow, sequences and positions and found this practice challenging enough for me, while leaving me with much room for improvement.  I definitely haven’t built up the strength yet for some of the lifts but I like having goals to work toward.  If you’re looking for repetitive sun salutations (which I love don’t get me wrong) you will not find them here.  Many of the poses originate from downward dog but the time saved from doing sun salutations is exploring poses that I was missing from my other yoga DVD.

I really enjoyed this yoga practice – I felt invigorated, strong and clear-headed afterward.  I am definitely going to keep this in my rotation of at-home workouts. You can purchase the PranaVayu Yoga with David Magone DVD online can see the trailer for the video below:

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