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POOL FW12: Domestic Dame

domestic dame

While I was in Las Vegas for PROJECT, I took some time to check out Pool which features smaller brands and emerging designers. One of the brands that caught my eye was Domestic Dame, a line of frilly retro-inspired aprons and nighties with matching bloomers. All of the pieces are made in LA and are based on vintage patterns and made with new fabrics.

One of my fellow bloggers, Samia at Highsnobette, asked me if the feminist in me was offended by this brand. I have to say that I don’t find this offensive in any way. I don’t think Domestic Dame is trying to say that women should stay in the kitchen. Rather, I think it’s appealing to ladies with a retro-sensibility and just using terminology that was used at the time that is inspiring the collection. It doesn’t hurt that the clothing in the collection consists of aprons and nighties -things you would wear at home anyway. I think Domestic Dame’s tag line and imagery illustrate the mood of the brand best – picture a Bettie Page-looking model wearing lingerie with a sheer apron and the tag line: “For the gal that likes her apple pie sweet and her whiskey neat.” You can get your retro aprons and nighties on the Domestic Dame webstore.

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