Nails Did: Magnetic Nail Polish

Move over crackle polish, it’s time for magnetic polish to take the spotlight! Magnetic polish has made a comeback once again, providing nail polish addicts with a chic new way to change up their tips. It’s shown up everywhere from makeup boutiques such as Sephora, to drugstores such as your local Rite Aid! Today I’ll be showing you Layla Magneffect Magnetic Effect Nail Polish in #12 Black Metal, in addition to providing some of my thoughts on this particular polish. I picked it up at a local beauty supply store for about $14.

I had no problems with the consistency of the polish whatsoever. It wasn’t too thick or thin and the brush was easy to work with. Even though it’s a metallic polish, it didn’t leave terrible brush streaks like some polishes do. I also love the finished results,  because it’s unique yet sophisticated looking–something I would totally wear to a nice event!

The application process was simple enough. I started off by coating all of my nails with one coat. For the second coat, I applied the polish, then quickly placed my nail next to the magnet that came with the polish, repeating this step for each nail until my nails were complete.

Something I noticed right away is that the polish is really sensitive to the placement of the metal. Placing your nail extremely close to the metal and holding it very steadily gives you a more pronounced design, while an unsteady hand or further placement of the metal gives you a more blurred effect. You need to work quickly, or you may not get the design at all. I totally messed up and had really inconsistent designs on my first try with this polish, so the pictures show my second attempt.

I noticed that I couldn’t get the design on the sides of my nails, but that might be due to the fact that my nails are extremely curved.

I think this polish would look better on short to medium length nails, because the design looks really odd here on my thumb nail that’s quite long.


  • Polish has a good consistency and applies like a normal polish.
  • It’s a fairly easy way to get trendy nails.
  • Effect is unique and quite sophisticated looking.


  • Magnet takes a bit of getting used to.
  • A bit pricey for a polish.
  • People with really curved nails may not be able to get the design evenly across the nail bed.
  • More ideal for short to medium length nails.

Have you tried this trend already? What are your thoughts on it?

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