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NAILgasm Documentary on Kickstarter

With the ever-evolving trends in the nail game, it has come to no surprise that documentarians are starting to take notice of it as an art form. LA-based videographer Ayla Montgomery better known as Brass is taking on a journey to create a documentary based on our love for all things nails did and the talented artists behind the designs we just can’t get enough of.

Expect to see our very own M.I.S.S. mama’s Gabriella and Liz along with interviews from our favorites: WMH Kleur, M.I.S.S. Mani Monday veteran Astrowifey, and DZINE, creator of the book Nailed.

So here are a few reasons to donate:
– we are all about young women artists doing their thang! (nail artists and director alike)
– how cool would it be to have your name in the scrolling credits at the end!
– duhhh, nails did!

So if you’re one to go gaga over a nice set of nails and would love to be part of what I think is a monumental time in the world of nail art, I urge you to drop a dollar or more to help this documentary come to fruition. To learn more about the film, director, or to donate, please visit their fundraiser page on kickstarter.

Want to help with my next documentary? from WhoIsBrass on Vimeo.

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