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My Latest Obsession: Oscar-Worthy Fashion

Oscar Fashion

Oscar Fashion

The Oscars have wrapped for another year. The winners are a part of history. The other nominees are…well, let’s not go there. The Best Dressed and Worst Dressed attendees have been chosen, but Oscar’s Best Costume Design is always floating around in the back of my head every time I go see a movie.  I look at costume design the same way that I look at the score of films – a very important way to portray the emotional state of characters in any given moment. Here are my picks for Best Costume Design for 2011:

The Artist: What’s not to love about this film? I have a great love for silent films, because the story is told through so many different levels. How do you express something without talking about it?  I wish hats would come back as an accessory the way they were in the 20s (especially the ones with the netting). I also love seeing men in well-tailored suits. An additional detail that I appreciated was the fact that these clothes were clearly made in color, even though this was a black and white film. When Peppy (Berenice Beja) finally lands an on-screen role, you can easily imagine that the dress was probably made out of gold and black beading, instead of what you see on screen. The lack of color on-screen doesn’t distract; in some ways it allows your imagination to determine what the actual color might actually be!

My Week With Marilyn: Let’s face it, Marilyn Monroe could have paraded around in a burlap bag and still would look amazing in it. She’s dressed down through most of the movie, but the pieces are still classic today. She knew what looked good on her and accentuated it, even when relaxing. I wish I could fill out a white shirt and pencil skirt the way she did. I also loved her coats and the famous black and white checked pants with black sweater and white scarf.

The Help: The differences in clothing between the ladies of society go way beyond the uniforms for work. You can tell just by looking at the prints and cuts of dresses how divided these two classes of women are. The Southern Belles dress up for anything and everything; the Maids dress up for Church and Skeeter (Emma Stone) doesn’t really care what she wears.

Girl With a Dragon Tattoo: Lisbeth’s clothing probably has more to do with her own self expression than any of the other movies. Yes, it’s rough, industrial and not flattering in a traditional sense (given what she’s been through, can you blame her), but it absolutely represents her. Even when she cleans up a bit to wreck a little revenge, you don’t quite buy it as a look she could potentially get used to. The shirt she sleeps in gets my vote for fave tee of the year (you know which one I’m talking about!).

Anonymous: I’m a little biased on this one, since I studied Shakespeare for the better part of six years. I love Elizabethan collars, as impractical as they are. These pieces truly are works of art, as they are so layered and detailed. Beautiful beading, heavy silks and velvets, wigs and heavy necklaces, and let’s not forget the square necklines and those gorgeous bell sleeves. Stunning recreations of an intriguing time.

Who gets your vote for best costume design?

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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