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MUD Squeezable Mascara Review

Mascara sales seem to sky rocket each year. With bigger brushes, longer wands….curved or spherical brushes and even vibrating brushes – at this rate of innovation, mascara will never go away. Make-up Designory (MUD) introduces mascara in another innovating package – squeezable tube.

This squeezable tube is perfect for professional makeup artistry and also perfect for the beauty artist in us all applying in our bathroom mirrors. MUD’s Mascara is less likely to spoil or dry out.

This is offered in two different versions – the one below is the Cream Mascara:

The picture on the top right is my eye with bare lashes and the bottom features a heavy application of cream mascara on my lashes. I concentrated most of the pigment at the base of my lashes and moved the wand in a horizontal back and forth motion then I moved the brush up to the tips. It did a decent job of curling my lashes without the use of an eye lash curler.

The cream brush has a great thick wand. Actually it reminds me of my current mascara love:

Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill mascara wand on the left and MUD’s Cream mascara wand on the right. I love these types of wands because it packs on the pigment. I am a bad mascara applier at times – I don’t always wipe off the excess from the brush. I layer it on and if it clumps, I take a eye lash comb and pick it out. Now, I wouldn’t say that this mascara is a certifiable dupe for Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill but it is a great alternative at a fraction of the price – MUD Squeezable Mascara goes for $14/USD vs. GA’s EtK goes for $30/USD. Also, it’s nice that the Cream brush is tapered at the tip making it easier to grab the inner corners of your top lashes. I don’t always do my bottom lashes but that tapered tip will make defining those shorter lashes easier to darken.

The second mascara I tried was the Volumizing Mascara:

I applied this the same way I applied the Cream Mascara. This gave great separation of my lashes as well as length. I find the name somewhat misleading because I found this to give me more length then it did volume.

I was impressed that it kept the my lashes curled the entire work day. It also did not flake or smudge. Also, I hope you have great eye makeup remover on hand because this formula is pretty pigmented that it takes some work getting it off!

The squeeze tube will take some getting use to but I can see it being tossed into my gym bag for weekend workouts. I also like that it takes up less space in my makeup bag. Speaking of the gym, I’m happy to announce that this mascara didn’t run at all and lasted through an entire sweaty spin class. I think that’s the best test barometer for any makeup/hair product staying power.

This is a great mascara for a price that is comparable to MAC’s Plush and Zoom lash ($15/USD).

You can purchase these at select MUD shops and boutique locations or

Samples were sent to me from Make-up Designory for consideration.

**MUD is a private post secondary institution that provides international training every year to students aspiring to become makeup artists in film, print and television. Specialties include beauty make-up artistry, hairstyling, portfolio development, character make-up and special effects. The school has two locations – Los Angeles and New York. The school has it’s own cosmetic line with items ranging from $8 – $26/USD, with retailers and distributors in the US, UK, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Australia, West Africa, Mexico, Guam and the Dominican Republic.**

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