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MISS Beauty Tip of the Week: Get Your Glow On….

Just because Valentine’s Day dinner may be at home but that doesn’t mean it’s sweat pants optional! But no, I’m not suggesting to pour yourself into something uncomfortable and looks like it should stay on the pages of a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog either. I will show you a makeup trick that takes less than ten minutes and really helps me fake dewy, luminescent skin.

Such a gorgeous look, especially in candle lit situations! This will definitely help set the mood and when eyes are looking at you with gorgeous “lit from within” looking skin – those eyes will have a hard time looking away.

All you need are two products to begin with (apply on top of clean, moisturized skin):

Foundation primer and a highlighting cream (NARS Illuminator in Copacabana, soft pink pearl)

I start with applying the primer by itself on my forehead, jawline and chin. Then I blend the two together on my hand:

And blend together:

I am a NC42 and find that this pearl shade works well for me. For fairer skin, I recommend NARS Orgasm Illuminator (peachy-pink). Don’t worry, this amount is not too much since you will then apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer on top of this layer. I like to concentrate the amount on the tops of my cheeks (cheekbone area), down the bridge of my nose and also I blend upwards between my brows. I would then apply a light layer of foundation, then contour my cheekbones with bronzer and apply a touch of peach blush at the apples. You should see some radiance through the foundation (granted you’ve applied a light layer).

However, if you feel you need more of a glow, take some of the highlighting liquid (shade of your choice) and gently dot along the top of your cheekbones working your way to the outer edge of you eyes. Take your ring finger and gently tap. Why the ring finger? It just happens to be the finger with the least amount of muscle so it’s also the preferred finger to use to apply your eye cream. Or instead of liquid, add extra sparkle with highlighting powder, I love NARS Miss Liberty (soft shimmering peach).With a tapered brush, I apply the powder on my cheekbones up the the outer corner of my eyes. Take a densely packed pencil brush, dip into the highlighting powder and apply to the inner corners of your eyes. The light shadow helps brighten and makes my eyes look bigger.

Feeling super sassy? Take a bit of highlighting cream and apply a touch at the bow of the top of your lip line and the inner corners of your eyes.

Your gorgeous face is now ready for that candlelight dinner even though it’s just Chinese takeout on a paper plate. Actually any time is good for lovely, dewy skin!

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