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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Head Porter Leopard iPad & iPhone Cases

Leopard Cases

Grrr, baby, grrrr

Zebras just get chased and eaten by lions all day.  Giraffes are kind of like stuck up, model-esque daydreamers with their thin legs and their heads in the clouds.  Cheetahs just kind of run fast…which probably means they have some deep seated fear of commitment or something.  So is it really shocking that leopards, the cool, calm, and deadly killers of the animal kingdom, and their signature print are like…all the rage right now?

No where is leopard more beloved than in Japan, where there are more clothes and accessories donning the print than there are people.  Japanese brand Head Porter has taken the print, added their own colorful twist to it, and slapped it on a couple of cases for iPads and iPhones/iPod Touches.  While you won’t have access to your gadgets functions should you slip them into one of these beauties, at the very least you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your device is protected by a stylish, high density nylon shell.

These should be available soon at the Head Porter Online Store and other retailers around the world.

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