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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Betsey Johnson “Betseymania” Fall 2012

Betsey went for a Beatlemania theme for her Fall 2010 fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and playfully morphed it into an all-Betsey bonanza called Betseymania. For those who know The Beatles’ repertoire well, the 40+ looks presented paralleled the evolution that occurred in The Beatles’ album covers, their music, and their outfit choices from the 1960s through the 1970s. Rubber Soul looks were there, Sgt. Pepper made a cameo, and later in the show, the Magical Mystery Tour continued.

Coined Betseymania, the collection started in London and consisted of mod, black-and-white-checkered menswear with pops of color (“POC” according to Brad Goreski) creeping in through the accessories. Interspersed with the well-tailored business wear were fitted silk flowery frocks capped with plush-looking fur stoles, which then phased into looks featuring cartoonish orange and pink fedoras with exotic feathers, vests, fur collars, and full-out pimpwear for the ladies. Sure, Betsey included her signature strapless Bat Mitzvah dresses in the mix, but the standouts of the collection were her Velvet Underground-esque suits and her Bishop Don “Magic” Juan accessories. The show ended with BJ’s favorite model, her daughter Lulu, in a look simply called “Lucy in the Sky.”

Although Betsey is usually pegged an over-the-top designer, this year was different for her. She seems to have come full circle in her career. She finally seems back in her element; she seems in a time reminiscent of her Paraphernalia/Betsey Bunki Nini days. The line is more wearable (and grown up) than ever before. Rather than mixing a print, corset, and bright colored patterns into one look, Betsey stuck to plain bright solids and lush fall textures to convey her message–with just a bit of pattern thrown in for good measure. Hello, I am a Betsey fan, with an intense level of hysteria for her clothes – just call me a Betseymaniac. Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo!

Check out the set list from the show, with music credits going to Plain Old Kris Bones:

- The Beatles – Because
- The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby Dubstep Remix
- Dr. Dre, Rolling Stones – Miss You Remix
- Dusty Springfield, 50 Cent, Jimi Hendrix – Son of a Preacher Man/ If I Can/ Voodoo
Child Remix
- Fatboy Slim, The Beatles – Weapon of Choice/ I Am the Walrus Remix
- The Kinks – Really Got Me Going DJ Zebra Remix
- Janelle Monáe, Nancy Sinatra – Tightrope, These Boots are Made for Walking Remix
- The Back Angels, Contours – Telephone, Do You Love Me Remix
- Lil Mama, The Champs – Lip Gloss, Tequila Remix
- The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky, Sergeant Pepper Reprise

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