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M.I.S.S. Beauty – Recreate the Runway: NARS for Naeem Khan Fall 2012

New York based designer Naeem Kahn looks to a 60’s International Icon for his recent Fall 2012 collection: “Italian actress Monica Vitti inspired me,” said Khan. “I wanted to do a collection that referenced Italy in the 1960’s…a beautiful time.”

Lead artist for the show, James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry focuses on the trend of precise, sharply drawn eyes.

I love a winged lined eye. In fact, this was my favorite way to wear my eye liner when I was in high school. I will admit, it was more punk rock Cleopatra versus a sophisticated La Dolce Vita look that I favor today. Ninety percent of the time – I will finish an eye look with subtle winged eye liner.

“The look is all about precision, sharpness and blackness of the line,” says Boehmer. “Everything else has a ‘barely there’ feeling. The eye line has to be really sharp and pointed up toward the temple – it’s not a cat eye and it’s not a wide eye. It draws eyes up”

The following key products were used to create this look:

·         Concealer
·         Loose Powder
·         Sex Appeal Blush
·         Carpates Eyeliner Stylo (new for Fall 2012!)
·         More Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (new for Fall 2012!)
·         Triple X Lip Gloss

Like the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 show makeup, this also focuses on eye liner. There is barely any color on the cheeks and lips. However, the prior look is more edgy and downtown, and this is more polished and sophisticated.

Yes, I try my hand at recreating this look for real life:

Eyes are neutral – I used Abyssinia (delicate pearl sheen) all over the lid to brow bone.  I first lined my eyes with NARS Larger than Life Long-Life Eyeliner, Via Veneto (black).  I trace the line with Eyeliner Stylo, Nuits Blanches (shiny black liquid liner).

I tried to line the eye with a sharp line toward my temple, I ended up with a soft angle. It is slightly a cat eye – I guess old habits are hard to break!

I didn’t add any blush, I did add a bit of a glow to the top of my cheekbones with NARS Illuminator liquid in Orgasm (peachy pink with golden shimmer). I did add a light layer of Classic Flawless Finish Loose Powder in shade #3 by Le Metier de Beaute Cosmetics.

Lips were left semi-nude with NARS lipstick, Falbala (sheer rose) and Sweet Revenge Lip Gloss (sheer grapefruit).

I would wear this look to the office just because like I said, I often wear my liner (black or brown) in this style. With a nude lip and full, messy bed head hair it adds an instant confidence boost. It takes a bit of practice and I’m still shaky at times when I do my liner. I will say that it’s easy to trace the eye with a pencil. I would trace mid lash to outer corner. I then connect a thin line from inner corner to my starting point. So the line looks thin from the inner corner and then it thickens to the outer corner. For that winged flick – I draw a short line upward. It takes me about three steps to draw this one line – it’s a lot easier then trying to draw a continuous line from beginning to end in one try. If desired, take a felt tip liquid liner or a fine tip liner brush with gel liner and retrace the line drawn with your eyeliner pencil. This really makes the eyes dramatic. For advanced beauty addicts, myself included, and if time permits – tight line your upper water lines with an angled eye liner brush dipped in gel eye liner. Complete with lots of layers of black mascara.

Vintage Guerlain Shalimar perfume, cocktail sheath dress and pointed stiletto shoes are completely optional.

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