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M.I.S.S. Beauty: Recreate the Runway – NARS for Fabiola Arias Fall 2012

“All the pieces are strong but not overbearing. I wanted the girls to look like they are really lit from within, in gorgeous dresses and hats that my mother, a milliner, created.”

– Designer Fabiola Arias on her Fall 2012 collection.

To help bring this inspiration to life, Arias turned to NARS to create the look. “Fabiola wanted a look that was strong, but sophisticated at the same time,” said Lead International NARS artist, Uzo. “We created a very rich, ombre eye with warm shades complimented by gold tones. The inner corners of the eyes are meant to look like they are illuminated, and to balance the look, the lips have color but are tinted rather than full-on.”

Below are the key products used to create the look:

·         Sheer Glow Foundation
·         lluminator
·         Key Largo Duo Eyeshadow
·         Kuala Lumpur Duo Eyeshadow
·         Kilimanjaro Duo Eyeshadow
·         Vent Glacé  Duo Eyeshadow (New for Fall 2012!)
·         Eyeliner Stylo
·         More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil (New for Fall 2012!)

All products, except where noted, are available at

Now you know I had to try to recreate this look. To really test myself, I took a good look at the close up photo of the lovely model on the left (above), went to my bathroom mirror, and tried to recreate this look in my own way. The only item I own listed is the Kuala Lumpur duo, a lovely duo of rose gold shimmer/boysenberry with gold glitter. I turned to my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette because it contains lovely metallic bronze shimmers (dark and cool toned) that would help me recreate this look.

My interpretation:

I first applied MAC Indianwood Paint Pot (metallic, antique bronze) from lid to above crease. I used a damp dense shadow brush and packed on the right side of NARS Kuala Lumpur (boysenberry with gold glitter) from mid lid to outer corner of eye. I then took a crease brush and applied Urban Decay’s Suspect (light gold beige shimmer) in the inner corners of my eyes and I took the color up above my crease. With the same crease brush I took Urban Decay’s Snakebite (dark chocolate bronze shimmer) and applied in the crease. With a damp pencil brush, I used UD Suspect again on the bottom lash lines. I made the bronzed bottom lash line smoky. Blend the lid and crease well with a big, fluffy brush and end with many, many layers of black mascara.

I left my brow bone bare. I also decided to go without the liquid liner on my top lash line. You really focus on the bronze and berry shadow on the lids. Ugh, I really need to stop being lazy and do some clean up after I apply mascara. In my mind, I apply mascara well, whereas in the close up photo of my eye I really don’t know who I’m trying to fool! I need to also work on my ombre skills, gradation of colors. I think I did a pretty decent job.

Other notable products:


Chanel Perfection Lumiere, #44 Beige Ambre, NARS Illuminator Copacabana (pink pearl), NARS Bronzer Irresistiblement (blush).


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Bahama (nude, pink brown), NARS Sweet Revenge Lip Gloss (sheer grapefruit)

This was a fun look to try to recreate. As you know, I love trying to recreate luminescent skin; I’m slowly getting there. I know blush wasn’t listed with products used to create the runway face but in the picture it looks like the model has some color on her cheeks other than just the Illuminating cream. It could be a different shade of cream used so I decided just a touch of terracotta bronzer on the apples of my cheeks would be all I needed. I really loved the lip color I went with – Bahama is my favorite dark nude lip shade and the gloss is my holy grail nude gloss. It works so well by itself on my naturally dark pigmented lips.

Not exactly sure if I’d wear this to work because it’s a bit too much metallic shimmer before 8AM. It would be a fun date night look – the illuminating cream would be awesome in darker light settings. Or this could be a great wedding look – your skin always photographs better with just a touch of shimmer on the tops of your cheekbones.

Last note, do not get down on yourself if you cannot recreate runway or even editorial looks. You are working from a vibe, an inspiration. Your own interpretation could be different from what I came up with and that’s exciting. I get a child-like rush when I try to recreate any looks I see and admire – like I’m playing with my mother’s makeup. I have lots of fun and that’s what matters most!

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