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Fashion Meets Music: Iggy Azalea

If we told you that we’ve found rap’s newest fair-skinned lady in the land down under, would you believe us?

Our latest bad-ass muse is Australian Iggy Azalea. At 21, she has been rapping since the age of 14 – but only broke out onto the scene with her 2011 YouTube uploads and a little help from a Mr. Perez Hilton. Oh, and not to mention A$AP Rocky and, most recently, T.I.

With curves for days and envy-inducing locks, Iggy’s style isn’t something we haven’t seen before, but worth taking inspiration from for Spring 2012. In her most notable video to date, My World, she playfully mixes statement-piece jewelry, leather, and a dash of cotton-candy-lace-and-gold. Her lyrics and voice bring sexy and wit to the rap landscape. Honestly, the only ones doing it for me lately in terms of female MCs have been Iggy and M.I.A.

In interviews, Iggy has stated that a huge inspiration for her and her dive into rap was Tupac Shakur. Growing up, her room was covered in every image of him possible. While she may not have “Thug Life” tatted across her belly, Iggy does exude a sort of mystique and tough quality, despite her feminine exterior. We have seen this trend lately in female songstresses: tough attitude with a girly twist.

We just love the fashion in My World. Here we break down the look piece by piece!

We’ve already seen bright neon colors as a huge trend for Spring ’12; the video styles this in quite nicely. For Iggy’s style, she works those assets in tight, body-con choices, usually paired with a tough jacket. We think an artfully constructed leather biker jacket with studs (1) would go well. Another element of her style is her signature hair: a tightly pulled ponytail long enough to whip back and forth. If you don’t have Rapunzel locks, don’t fret – that’s why extensions were created! Just make sure the hair is super straight and placed high on your crown to get the full effect.

For makeup, we’ve seen the Kardashian-esque smokey eye is transitioning out, with a cleaner look phasing in. Winged liner continues to be a mainstay, a look Iggy rocks here. Choose a thin, liquid liner that is light and comfortable to hold, as you will need to be careful when applying. When choosing the liner, choose one that feels like you’re holding your favorite pen; with the winged liner effect, things can get frustrating when the liner is uncomfortable to use. Keep the lids clean, only using a a cream color that matches your foundation or a little lighter in order to secure a base for the liner.

Below are our picks for a look ready for Iggy’s world:

As mentioned, Iggy has been reportedly working with T.I. on her debut studio album, slated to come out June of this year. Her mixtape Ignorant Art was released to positive reviews; we have high hopes for her studio effort. It seems Interscope Records shares these hopes as well.

Bad Bitches beware.

For more information on Iggy Azalea, check out her website.

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