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Fashion Meets Film: Working Girl

Working Girl has a whole another meaning...

OK. I am about to get real honest: I am a hopeless (a.k.a. helpless) romantic. There! I said it. I can’t deny it any longer because now it’s posted. I blame my love of movies. I am a busy girl. I am a writer, poet, editor, unicorn tamer, etc. So my ideal relationship would be with someone who is just as busy as I am. But, somehow we would find time for each other. My blueprint for that relationship is the 1988 film, Working Girl.

This story follows the young and headstrong Tess McGill (played by Melanie Griffith) who starts out being timid and shy but soon learns that if you really want something, you’ve got to get it yourself!

Staten (island) Fashion

Tess and her best friend Cyn are two Staten Island girls who work in the city. And, being from Staten Island, they have their own “unique” style. Tess sports a more toned down version of the typical Staten Island look, but Cyn is Crayola piece of work. She has Big Hair and shoulder pads that could poke your eye out.

It always starts with the hair.

All the best villains wear fur.

The longer she works in the city, the more Tess realizes she needs to change her style to be taken more seriously as a serious working girl. So she trades her loud clunky jewelry for louder and more outspoken opinions. She swaps her frizzy locks for a straightforward bossy bob and tones down her make up. Tess is a smart girl who knows how to takes what she has and make it better, which eventually gives her an advantage over her evil boss Katharine Parker, who dresses just like all the other Wall Street clones.

From down & out to Up town girl.

But Tess upgrades more than just her wardrobe; she upgrades her man! She leaves the over-greased, over-the-top, and over-rated Staten Island stud (Alec Baldwin) for Jack Trainer, the Manhattan maverick played by Harrison Ford.

Long way from 30 Rock Mr Baldwin.

Trainer is a smart, hardworking and ambitious guy, who knows how to charm the pants off any Fortune 500 company at the click of briefcase latch. He’s all business suits and suave class, the kind of man who can take a phone call and change his shirt at the same time. Talk about multitasking.

Rad abs!

Although Working Girl does make the point that if you want to play in the big leagues you got to look the part. But it also shows that innate smarts and a sparkly personality are the best natural fashion accessories you can own.

Now I just have to find a guy who looks the part and has the same effortless charm as Jack Trainer. (Does anyone know if Harrison Ford has a son?)

Giving "Working Girl" a whole another meaning.

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