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CoreBody Reformer Challenge: Week 2

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Today I started week two of my CoreBody Reformer Challenge. I’m on the 3-day plan so I worked out on the CBR three days last week and I definitely felt the burn. On Tuesday and Wednesday my glutes were sore and after I did the core workout later in the week my abs were a little sore. I like feeling sore after a workout because I feel like I did something. If I don’t feel sore, then I feel like I didn’t work hard enough.

For all of my workouts last week I kept the resistance the same – I had one level of resistance added – and I’m keeping that level this week. There are definitely moments when I want to lower the resistance but then I feel like it will be too easy. Some of the workouts are only twenty minutes so I want to make sure I get the most out of them. I may start adjusting the resistance depending on the movement I’m doing. My legs are a lot stronger than my arms and I think I could bump up the resistance when my legs are using the resistance bands and keep the resistance lower for my arms. The main thing is whether I can keep proper form because without the right form there’s no point in upping the resistance.

Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather so I didn’t run as much as I usually do but I stayed committed to the CBR challenge. One of the great things about the CoreBody Reformer is that you can adjust the resistance and the workout level you choose to do depending on how you feel. It’s too early to see any major changes but I’m definitely feeling a bit stronger because some of the movements were harder for me to complete last week than they are this week. I’m excited for week two and I’ll check in with you next week!

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