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Celebrity Style: Underwear As Outerwear

So many celebrities over the years have been sporting underwear on the outside on stage and now out on the street. Corsets especially have been inspiring many fashion designers. Madonna made the cone bra iconic and Beyoncé definitely started the no pants trend with those leotards in “Single Ladies.” Would you ever be caught wearing stuff like this out or is it just too extreme?

Lady Gaga is very comfortable in her skin. She is always seen without pants or wearing a bra out like it’s nothing. Are some of us prudes or just modest? I personally would never be that comfortable showing that much skin in public. I do love the corset fashion tops. They can be done tastefully with the right cardigan or blazer on top. I’ve never been one to be offended by what people wear. As long as it looks nice, anything these days is a go. Fashion is a form of expression so there really are no limits. What are yours when it comes to this trend?

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