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Blogger PROJECT: Trends from the Show

Walking PROJECT trade show can be overwhelming if you’ve never been to a trade show. After exhibiting at trade shows for years and then walking them to cover the best new products for MISS, I get into the swing of things and I easily able to navigate the show. After walking the show for about an hour I start seeing patterns and concepts that are echoed by many brands – “trends” for lack of a better word. Here are some of the patterns I saw at the show:

NEON (and Brights) for Spring
Neons and brights are still going strong through summer on everything from footwear, denim and accessories…

Neon denim shorts from Big Star

Brights at Civic Duty

Bright pops of color at Tatty Devine at Pool Tradeshow

ccskye neon purse

CC Skye neon purses

betsey johnson spring 2012 accessories

Betsey Johnson spring 2012 accessories

Bensimon Spring 2012

Bensimon Spring 2012

The TRIO for Fall – Purpley-Fuchsia, Blue & Yellow
I can’t tell you how many times I saw this trio of colors everywhere – if you’re getting anything in color for fall – make it one of these three…

Melissa Shoes

Melissa Shoes

dr martens fall 2012

Dr Martens Fall 2012

Native American Prints
Still going strong, Native American prints were on everything from blankets, apparel, accessories and footwear.

Keep Sneakers

Keep Sneakers Fall 2012

dr martens pendleton fall 2012

Dr Martens x Pendleton fall 2012

pendleton woolen mills fall 2012

Pendleton Woolen Mills Fall 2012

Tiny Toms Fall 2012

Tiny Toms Fall 2012

And by this I mean brand evolution – many of the brands I spoke to talked about growing and evolving with their customer. As the customers get older, the designers create clothing that fits with their maturing client’s (and their own) lifestyle.

belle of the brawl botb hellz

Belle of the Brawl evolved from Hellz

black standard

Black Standard evolved from Blood Is The New Black

National Identity
I saw a lot of sneaker companies that are well known in their home countries introducing their brands to the U.S. Market. Some have been here for several years, while others are debuting this year.


Superga - big in Italy

volley shoe co

Volley - the sole of Australia

Responsibility and Ecology
Many brands are taking a humanitarian approach and giving back to communities, while others are looking at their carbon footprint and trying to make a difference by using re-purposed or unique materials in new ways.

Melissa Shoes recycle

Melissa Shoes are recyclable

toms eyewear one for one

Toms Eyewear - One for One

civic duty tyvek sneakers

Civic Duty tyvek sneakers


Shwood Wooden Glasses

recover iphone and ipad covers

Recover Wooden iPhone and iPad covers

the boomcase

The Boomcase repurposed Suicases

native shoes

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