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Blogger PROJECT: NCLA Nail Lacquer

NCLA nail lacquer

You know at MISS we like to get our nails did so it’s only fitting that the first booth I stopped to look was of course, nail polish!  NCLA has been around for about a year and is based and made in Downtown Los Angeles.   The lacquers come in unique colors from greens, glitters and purples and are 5-free.  In addition to lacquers NCLA provides nail wraps with an array of intricate designs.  You can shop the collection on NCLA’s website and if you’re at Project, get your nails did at their complimentary nail bar!

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2 Responses to “Blogger PROJECT: NCLA Nail Lacquer”

  1. A The Great says:

    OMG!! I so need all of those colors!! BTW have you tried thier nails wraps?

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi A The Great,
    I didn’t try them but I don’t think my manicure is going to last this trip so I may try them while I’m here – I’ll let you know if I do.



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