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Blogger PROJECT: Dr. Martens

dr martens pendleton fall 2012
For a brand that can sit back and just release classics, Dr. Martens is doing an excellent job of elevating its design and producing quality products. The stars of the Fall 2012 collection are the Made in England products which feature premium materials and are as the name states, made in England. Collaborations make the most of the partnership by combining Dr. Martens boots with signature fabrics including Harris Tweed, Locharron Tartan and Pendleton wool.

The in-line styles feature an array of fabrications, colors and finishes. The basic boot is reinterpreted in canvas with a rubber sole, and more upscale styles. I did take some snaps of men’s boots because they were just that good. For some lucky ladies who wear a larger shoe size, you can fit into a men’s pair if you buy about 1.5 sizes down. What can I say? Bring on the camo for the ladies, we don’t need flowers all the time! Check out highlights from the Dr. Martens Fall 2012 collection…

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2 Responses to “Blogger PROJECT: Dr. Martens”

  1. Nicole O. says:

    LOVE the Pendleton & studded 3 & 7 eyes!

  2. Aminta says:

    Wow !! I didn´t know about this collaboration … the oxfords – and the silver ones look amazing!!


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