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Blogger PROJECT: Civic Duty Recyclable Tyvek Sneakers

civic duty tyvek sneakers

Civic Duty Shoes has only been around for one-year but they are making a huge splash on the footwear industry.  Not just any shoe, these sneaker are recyclable and are made from Tyvek.  Civic Duty is a socially minded footwear company founded upon the simple premise that a leisure shoe can be attractive, fun, and comfortable while causing minimal impact to the environment in its production.  Not only that but they look really good! That can’t hurt, right?

The Tyvek is lightweight, water resistant and breathable – all great features for footwear.  Civic Duty shoes come in a rainbow of colors and retail for only $54-$59 – what a steal!  You can purchase Civic Duty on the Civic Duty webshop or on

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