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Ask MISSter Simms: My Boyfriend’s An Out Of Control Flirt

My Boyfriend Is A Flirt

My Boyfriend Is A Flirt

Dear MISSter Simms,

Me and my boyfriend have been together off and on for two years (on for a year), and he has always been a flirt. However last year the flirting was getting out of hand, to where he was crossing the lines of flirting. i.e. going to spend time with the women. After I proved to him that wasn’t ok (by doing what he did) it seemed to stop. Now he is finding other interests like going on dating sites, just to look for “friends.” I have once pointed out that this wasn’t ok, and he got off that website – now I find out he was on two other websites. It’s not like he’s cheating but I feel that going to look for women just to flirt with starts the path to cheating. Whenever I try to bring it up to him, he claims he doesn’t know why he does it, and he blames it on being a gemini (dual personalities). I love him but I don’t know how to draw the line.

Too many second chances.

Dear TMSC,
You want my expert opinion?  You need to go back to being off again, and you need to do it like…yesterday.  And by yesterday I mean two years ago.  Your boyfriend isn’t just flirting; he’s actively seeking out people to hook up with.  There’s a huge difference between telling bad jokes to girls at a party to get laughs and attention, and flirting with girls over the net with the intention of meeting up for…whatever.  If I had to guess I’d say cheap motel booty.  Don’t just take my word for it, either.  Some smart scientist people somewhere performed a study that showed that girls in relationships who flirted with people online or sent sexy pictures were three times more likely to cheat on their partner, and dudes who did the same thing were FOUR times more likely to cheat.  So: you can either stick around and wait to get cheated on, or cut your losses and get out of dodge.  I think you already know what the better option is.
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