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StrangeBeautiful Dickensian Volume: Black & Gray Nail Polish Set

strangebeautiful Dickensian volume black and gray set

One of our favorite indie polish lines StrangeBeautiful takes a very unique approach to color selection.  Artist and founder Jane Schub creates her polishes in volumes and is inspired by the everyday:  from the veins of green mold running through Roquefort to a Mid Century Modern Knoll Fabric – inspiration comes from the little details.

StrangeBeautiful‘s latest volume – the Dickensian Volume – takes inspiration from the tales of Charles Dickens and the Brothers Grimm.  The volume features ten very dark shades of grey and black, including some metallics.  If there were ever a collection of nail polishes created for me – I think this one is it.  You can find the StrangeBeautiful Dickensian Volume at Treasure & Bond (350 West Broadway NY, NY) and for $85.

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