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She’s Got Sole: Pastry x Hello Kitty NYC Sweet Crime

I remember when MaMa Fresco forbid me to wear the plastic Mickey Mouse shoes that all the kiddos wore back in my playground days. She thought it was tacky to have cartoons on your feet. Not anymore Mommy dearest! Pastry has made it a-ok to sport a sketched character on your kicks. The latest NYC Sweet Crime design features our girl Hello Kitty on both a black and metallic gold shoe. Each leather sneaker features a crystal embellished bow on the laces and the face of Hello Kitty on the tongue. There is also a Kitty medallion dangling from the sneaker’s eyelets.

Ladies, these are extremely limited in quantity. Only a few were made available to the US market and are now gone. You can still cop for $100 from Foot Locker Europe.

Image Layout: Aeramis

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