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She’s Got Sole: Nike Classic Cortez Leather ‘Forest Gump’

Mac n’ Cheese, dodgeball, and Pop Rocks are all staples of an 80s baby’s childhood. Mixing soda and Pop Rocks to see if our stomachs would explode. Dreading the sting of that red, rubber ball. Humming the ‘blue box blues’ song. We’ve all done it.

Along with the unforgettable memories these pieces of Americana trigger, there are flashbacks from one particular film. The first time I was emotionally attached to a character that wasn’t sketched with a pencil was in 1994. ‘Forest Gump’ was the first non-Disney film I could recite from memory at the age of 8. The scene where the young Forest bolted full speed from a beatdown still makes me jump up and down and scream words of encouragement.

Thanks to the folks over at Nike, I can always keep a piece of Forest with me. The re-release of the OG colorway of the Classic Cortez puts me back in front of that VCR back in ’94. The Cortez will feature the same white leather upper, red Nike Swoosh, and blue striped midsole. These sneakers took Forest took across country for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours, so why wouldn’t they be one of the hottest releases of 2012?

Apparently, the shoes are hitting shelves across the globe, including Germany’s Overkill.

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