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She’s Got Sole: Dr. Martens Does Sneakers!

A sweet pair of mid-calf, lace-up boots have become a staple in footwear. No matter how much I’d love to wear combat-type boots every day of my life, it’s just not fashionably possible. Thankfully, Dr. Martens has provided a more feminine, yet equally stylish alternative for the more conservative ladies (and those of us who want to give our ass kickin’ boots a rest).

The British brand is held in high regard when it comes to its chunky, gum sole shoes. Retailers from Macy’s to Urban Outfitters carry the brand, evidence that ladies from all walks of life are kicking up dust in their Docs. Now the crew over at DM has developed sneaker versions of some of their most popular designs. Ranging from $65 to $85 in price, the patterns, colors and styles are more diverse than the women who wear them.

Patterned or solid? High or low top? Which pair is your fave?

Holy shoelaces! The sneaker angels have been on a roll these past few months.

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