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Oribe – Royal Blowout…a Blowout in a Bottle!

So a few weeks ago, I reviewed a fantastic dry shampoo that prolongs a great blowout or just that oil schmutz in your hair from that brutal lunch time spin class that barely cost $3, how great is that?  Well this week – I’m going to highlight a styling product that’s the opposite end of the spectrum – Oribe’s Royal Blowout.

As you know, I am a packaging whore. The design team at Oribe must have known that! I mean look at that box – it’s like buying expensive perfume. And that bottle design? Sure it’s a plastic bottle but it just looks lovely on top of a boring bathroom counter top or cabinet. It is a bit on the fragile side, you’ll see my note below.

It retails for $48 USD/5.69 fl oz. This is the most I’ve spent for hair care but I expect nothing less from the man that has tended to the tresses of these ladies:

Okay I’m not expecting to look like J.Lo or Linda Evangelista but I am hoping I do get my money’s worth!

I exchanged a face cleanser that didn’t work for me for this at the nearest Space NK counter in SF (Bloomingdale’s) and the lovely manager, Rose tells me that it also helps speed up time of your blow-dry? What? A product that helps me sleep in an extra five minutes? Sign me up!

Along with speeding dry time, it also conditions and helps repair split ends.

Miracle sounding product, right? So how did it hold up?

I’m pretty happy with it:

According to the directions: spray mid-shaft on sections of towel dried hair. With a brush – paddle or round – dry each section with the nozzle of your blow dryer facing down. The heat seals the shaft best this way, therefore it cuts down on frizz. My thick, course hair is tamed! Also, I don’t feel the need to do any extra smoothing out with my flat iron. Any product that will allow me to not have to use an additional hot iron tool is a bonus. I used a combination of both flat brush for the bottom half of my hair and then I used a big barrel brush for the top just to get some volume and movement.

My hair is sleek and smooth. Could be a result of the Argon Oil, from Morocco, replenishing the natural lipid content in my hair cuticles while fortifying, brightening and softening. The silky feel is attributed by the blend of silicones and Ceramides are present to reduce split ends and brittleness. There is also a patented film forming sugar polymer, providing a breathable, long-term protective barrier.

Sadly, the next morning after I used this (for only the second time), the bottle fell off of the counter and to the floor. This made a huge crack on the top piece that screws on to the bottle. I lost all of my product. This liquid is also pretty concentrated (argon oil and silicones) so it also made my bathroom floor slippery but it does smell lovely. It’s very reminiscent of a very expensive perfume – not too floral, fruity but clean without smelling like cheap hairspray. At the moment, I am waiting to hear back from dear Rose at Space NK. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll allow me to exchange this for a new bottle. I lost it all – couldn’t bottle any remnants. Pretty bottle yes, but do be careful with it!

Aside, from my tragic lost I love this styling spray! It’s expensive but honestly well worth every penny.

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