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Medicinails you ask? What is that? I can hear it from the back of your heads and yes , yes I am psychic.

Awww yes Medicinails is a special thing that ony occurs in the deepest parts of our munchie craving brains, they only come out if chocolate fudge brownie ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s is fully stocked in the freezer, & they only grow when the remote is out of the crevices of our couches…And then it happens.. MEDICINAILS happen.

This is for all you (hopefully legally) green loving ladies that still love to keep your nails fly. These nails are fully equipped with plant like graphics from Minx and Gold trim to keep it classy. Yes, these nails bring out the Rastafarian in you and they might not be work safe but if prescribed correctly MEDICINAILS can help you.

Nails Stylist: Lila Robles
Photographer: Tyler-Fawn Cash
Graphics: C_Rocka

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