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My Latest Obsession: Little Indulgences (Magnetic Nail Polish)

Magnetic Nail Polish

My Latest Indulgence: Magnetic Nail Polish

With the holidays over, the dead of winter about to set in  and a brand new year started, I think it’s a great idea for a little indulgence here and there for yourself (although I couldn’t resist purchasing two $20 handbags for myself while I was Christmas shopping that I found on super sale…honestly, how could I resist that??). So, for the next few weeks, as January winds down, I’m going to be writing about small indulgences I made while welcoming in 2012 and getting the year started off right. Away we go!

I’ve recently become a huge fan of magnetic nail polish. Of course, I’m not the first person to write about this. Back in October, the lovely Lauren wrote about magnetic nail polish as a new trend for nails. Having crackled nails never really held much interest for me, and I’ve never really been one to get designs on my nails, but something intrigued me about magnetic nail polish. I’ve seen the Nails Inc. bottles up at the cash wrap at Sephora and have had conversations with random Sephora employees on what they thought of the trend, but it wasn’t until I was trying to figure out what I was doing for New Year’s Eve that I took the plunge and bought a trio of bottles. Why? The dress of course!

I found this Lipsy dress at Bloomingdales to wear for NYE this year. There’s a rocker edge to this dress that I love and while I have plenty of nail polish at my apartment, nothing quite went with the vibe of the dress. When I was at Sephora doing a very last minute run for makeup, I saw the Nails Inc display and said “that’s it!!” when I saw the effect that the magnet had on the polish. Really. I said that out loud. And it was loud enough for a Sephora employee who was walking by to stop and chat with me. Of course, we had a good laugh over it. This lovely person had actually used the polish on his hands before and walked me through how to use the magnet (put one coat on and let it dry, then put on the second coat and when it’s wet, hover the magnet over the nail). Fun! Sold!

I bought the collection that included all three polishes, since I couldn’t quite decide which color I liked best (I ended up wearing Houses of Parliament on my fingers and Whitehall Teal on my toes). After a few tries, I got the hang of it and it works like magic! The polish dries very quickly, which is good since I always do my nails last minute and then start cursing a blue streak when they get smudged while I’m doing other things. The swirl design that was in the polish closely mirrored the spray-painted inspired pattern of the dress and was a perfect compliment to the accessories that accompanied it. I love it when everything comes together like that. As an extra bonus, we’re a week outside of NYE and the polish has just started chipping. Impressive!

Ok, so technically, it’s not really an indulgence for this year, but it was a little something just for me that I absolutely love. And it was great fun getting ready to ring in the new year with the perfect set of nails. Check out the polish and let me know what you think!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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