M.I.S.S. Beauty Tip of the Week: Dior + Anselm Reyle Cosmetics Collaboration

Cosmetic connoisseurs everywhere are kvelling over the recent release of Dior‘s limited edition artist’s palette. The collaboration is with en vogue German artist Anselm Reyle. This artist has teamed up with Dior’s cosmetic line to create an eyeshadow palette of epic camouflage proportions. As one of the only sellers of this product at the moment, Saks Fifth Avenue describes the palette as “a true collector’s piece for divas, beauty junkies and art aficionados.”

The palette, priced at $110 a pop, features a camouflage pattern. It contains a bold mix of 5 shimmering and matte shades of grey, purple, black and silver shadows. Art has always held a place in Christian Dior’s heart; before becoming the renowned fashion designer he is today, he worked as an assistant in an art gallery.

Additionally, there will be a release of Dior Vernis polishes that were inspired by Reyle as well. The palette and the polish shades are part of a larger accessories collection between Dior and Reyle featuring shoes, bags and jewelry. The collaboration will be released this month.

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