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Just In Time for Valentine’s Day…

It’s the last week of January and you know what that means? Yes, the next cash generating greeting card holiday is right around the corner – Valentine’s Day! Ladies, get your red and pink gear together. Fellas, don’t worry you still got time to plan that perfect romantic day and evening. Just don’t forget and don’t put all the planning on your lady! Make her feel special. Okay, I’m not here to give any love advice, that’s MISSter Simms’ job.

Victoria’s Secrets, purveyor of sexy lingerie, sensual apparel and coquettish beauty, sets the mood for Valentine’s with two new limited edition fragrances. Simply Gorgeous – a twist on the original Gorgeous scent – is a sexy twist on notes of crimson apple, sunkissed petals and velvet amber.

Notes: crimson apple, lotus leaves, sparkling bergamot, sunkissed petals, muguet (lily of the valley), peony, white fig, freesia, velvet amber, skin musks, vanilla and patchouli

At first spray, you are hit with apple and citrus of the bergamot, freesia (very popular in most VS scents) but the fig note keeps it from becoming too sweet. What really surprised me about this scent is that it has great staying power – about five hours. By the time I went to bed, about five and a half hours it completely changed on me – not a bad thing. The musk kicks in and you are left with a lovely powdery clean skin scent. I didn’t detect much fruit notes left on my skin.

It is an unexpected combination that goes on fruity and crisp but the dry down (when the fragrance finally settles) makes it sultry. It is cozy and puts you in the mood for snuggling up next to that special somebody! I imagine this to be a great scent to put on after an early Yoga class on a Sunday morning on your way to meet your mate or girlfriends for brunch or to just hang out. This fragrance is equivalent to a sweater or your partner’s button down shirt – comforting and you just want it wrapped around your body all day.

Also, how cute is that bottle with that retro vibe?

The next fragrance is Bombshell in Love:

A variation on the original Bombshell scent, sparkling and bright with luscious fruits – it’s passion captured in a bottle.

Notes: pink grapefruit,dazzling raspberry, asian pear, luscious peony, watery jasmine, freesia, sensual sandalwood, pink musk and creamy cedarwood.

From the very beginning you are hit with raspberry, freesia and the citrus of the grapefruit cuts through it. It is not for the shy types – it is a very ‘notice me’ juicy fruity fragrance. I was hoping to get a bit more depth by the final dry down, it stayed bright and fruity all the way through. I was hoping for more woodiness from the sandalwood and cedar notes, but that is just my personal taste. This also has great staying power of about five hours. It is a very flirty scent perfect for the Valentine dates or any romantic encounter. This fragrance is equivalent to a sexy cocktail dress – makes an entrance, builds confidence and will keep you smiling!

Both scents are available as follows:

Eau de Parfum – 1.7 oz/$49
Body Lotion, 6.7 oz/$20
Body Mist, 8.4 oz/$25

If you like your fragrances on the lighter subtle side, I recommend using the body lotion alone. From past experience with VS scents, I have found that all I needed was a layer of their scented lotion – that alone can give great sillage (the trail of scent left by the wearer). But if you want more, I would just recommend layering the body mist on top of the lotion. I do like that this is an eau de parfum versus eau de toilette. EDP (eau de parfums) are more concentrated and does not have as much alcohol as an EDT (eau de toilette).

Now, these fragrances will not turn you into Adriana and Alessandra (lovely VS models above) but it will definitely make you feel like an ANGEL any time you put it on.

Currently available online and in stores February 2012.

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