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Fashion Meets Film: Married To The Mob

THESE are the Real Housewives.

Shows like The Real Housewives of (insert favorite city here) and Mob Wives are the fascinating accidents of television. They are addictive, grossly entertaining, and, as the title says, filled with “real” women being rich and utterly horribly behaved.

But let’s be honest, the film that best captures the real life of a rich, bored housewife is Married To The Mob. It’s a classic.

Michelle Pfeiffer is more than her nails or glitter sweaters or hair or money or whatever...

This underrated ’80s film tells the story of Angela de Marco (played by the always stunning Michelle Pfeiffer) who is married to a mobster (played by the always slick and sometimes sleazy Alec Baldwin). Angela, who is tired of the fact that everything she owns has “fallen off a truck,” believes there’s more to life than being a Mob Boss’ housewife. Her extremely Jersey-Shore friends and fellow Mob wives think she’s crazy for not enjoying the gold-plated bliss of their high-rolling lifestyle.

These ladies ride or die in style.

Even when shopping for peanut butter one must look good.

In a strange turn of events Angela’s husband ends up dead, which gives her the chance to start a new and more “normal” life. And where else to make a new name for yourself but New York City? And what better way to make a new life than with a complete style makeover!

Hit men with hit style.

In true Mob Wife fashion, Angela always sports, well, great fashion. It’s all about bejeweled, fuzzy cashmere sweaters, matching long, elegant acrylic nails and large gaudy earrings. Plus, hair that is its very own status symbol. The bigger and higher it is, the more important you are.

The Mob even has outfits for the airports.

The bigger your shoulders the badder you are.

But Angela isn’t that person anymore; she never was.  She is a hopeless romantic and a sweet girl. She wants the one-bedroom bungalow and maybe a little sweat on her brow from hard work, instead of the blood spatter of a well-executed Mob hit. It’s easy to identify with and fall in love with Angela because it’s freaking Michelle Pfeiffer playing her. Her smile alone is enough to melt your heart.

Those earrings!

The first thing Angela changes (other than the scenery) is that cotton-candy hair, which she has trimmed into an adorable asymmetrical hair cut. (Rihanna, eat your heart out.) Then she finds some outfits that express her true, non-mob-related soul.

Hair care.

Sweet and sassy never out of style.

She looks fabulous in pastels, earrings with cowboys on them, colorful hair scarves, and a sexy sweatheart red-and-white polka dotted dress (this time Minnie Mouse eat your heart out). It’s all perfect for bringing out her beautiful blue eyes that truly light up when she’s ready to find love again.

Drinks that match your style?!

Married To The Mob is not just a movie anymore. In 2004, the lady-focused and lady-owned clothing line, Married to the MOB (Most Official Bitches) popped onto the scene for fashionable street wear. Although the movie and the clothing company are not related, other than the name and the involvement of amazing women, they both show the power of film and fashion.

You make one and the other makes you.

Hello Gorgeous!

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  1. Alexis Dayers Alexis says:

    This is one of my favorite Jonathan Demme movies – sometimes you forget he a great comedy director. I loved everyone in this film, especially Chris Isaak as “the clown”

    I still watch it every time it comes on cable!


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