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Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebell with DVD Review

Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebell with DVD
I once tried a kettlebell workout at home but I didn’t have a kettlebell so I used my free weights. It wasn’t the same thing. I knew that I was missing out on the workout so I didn’t do it anymore – until now. Empower Fitness was kind enough to send me a sample of the Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebell to try out and I’m so glad that I’m doing this workout with the right tools!

I love that Empower is a fitness company that designs products by women, for women. The products are ergonomically designed for a woman’s body and thought about how women’s goals and fitness needs are unique are put into each product.

The kettlebell is much more than a weight – so much of the workout comes from stabilizing the kettlebell. Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebells are made with a soft touch plastic shell for added comfort and a wide grip handle for smooth, controlled moves. What I love most about this Kettlebell workout is that it’s actually a full body workout. Going into it, I thought the workout would be mainly for my arms but I felt the burn in my legs and core as well.

The Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebell comes with a DVD with workouts by fitness instructor Gin Miller. The DVD has three separate workouts totaling 45 minutes – you can do them consecutively or just one if you’re short on time. I was amazed how quickly I broke a sweat. I did all three workouts in a row but I’m glad that I have the option to do just one or two if I don’t have time or if I want to combine different workouts. The Kettlebell also comes with a boot camp style workout guide if you want to workout without a DVD.

I opted for the 8lb Kettlebell since I already had 3lb and 5lb free weights at home. It was a bit heavy at first but I pushed through and was able to complete the workout with the 8lb Kettlebell. I’ve started training for a half-marathon but so much of marathon training is not just running, but strength training. I’ll definitely be keeping the Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebell in my weekly fitness rotation.

The Empower Comfort Grip Kettlebell comes in three weights: 5lb, 8lb and 10lb. You can purchase the Kettlebells at the following retailers:, Duckwall-Alco, Dunham’s, Fred Meyer, Jewel-Osco, MC Sports and Modell’s.

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