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Beauty Baller on a Budget – L’Oreal Studio Secrets Eye Shadow Single

I love shopping at Ulta, especially being able to mix high/low beauty products – Urban Decay eye liners, NYX lipsticks, Olay cleansing wipes….oh can I spend hours (and I have) in this place! Luckily, I had a $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon burning in my pocket, you can imagine how much longer I spent wandering the aisles that day. Problem is – that discount is not applicable to premium brands like Benefit, UD, Frederic Fekkai, etc . It didn’t bother me though because I found an item that is now in current rotation with my MAC, Urban Decay and NARS shadows: L’Oreal Studio Secrets Eye Shadow single, Smooth Latte (a matte coffee with LOTS of a cream kind of color without any shimmer).

Here’s a closer look:

At first glance, it’s an average neutral shade but for some reason I couldn’t walk away from it. I had to put it in my basket after carrying it in my grubby hands for ten minutes!  I did take a look at my stash once I got home and honestly, I do not own anything that remotely comes close to this. If anything, I discovered that I have way to many shimmery shades – I need more creamy mattes without any shimmer like this. Smooth Latte is reminiscent to my favorite light golden shimmery brown, SOBA by MAC but without the shimmer of course. I found this on as part of a display arranged according to eye color. This particular shade is good for brown eyes but I don’t see why it couldn’t work for green, hazel or blue eyes just as well!

I have been wearing this non-stop as my “eye lid but better shade”

Placed on top of an eye primer, a hint of shimmer shadow on my brow bone, a slash of black gel liner and topped with layers of black mascara and I”m done. This literally takes me five minutes and it makes me feel like this bombshell:

Okay it’s the internal vibe this nude eye gives me!

But it’s not just for the lid for an easy, “no makeup look” you can also use this as a crease color as an anchor for your shimmers.

If I am doing a shimmery or metallic eye, I need something matte and shimmer free in my crease to break up all the shimmer. Personally, I do not like my eyes to look like a glitter bomb exploded on them. It’s a subtle gradation effect.

Smooth Latte was used in the crease along with UD’s Supsect on the lid, Busted on the outer-V and Bootycall on the brow bone and MAC eye kohl pencil in Coffee. This also works well with a smoky charcoal or coffee eye look.

I think I love it best as an all over shade from lash line to brow. It helps smooth any discoloration on my lids and help me look awake and polished on days (weekends) when I don’t want to wear makeup. Yes, even I have days that I don’t want to wear makeup. This shadow blends well, does not crease and lasts the entire day. **Now keep in mind, I do use a primer on my lids**

I think the price ($4.99/USD) plays a HUGE part on my eye shadow crush for L’Oreal. I am thinking about picking up a few more. I’ll just wait till I can come across another coupon or wait for their awesome “Buy 1, Get 50% off” type of deals!

I purchased this at my local Ulta Beauty store. L’Oreal is available at all local drugstores.

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