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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: NeKelia

The air is getting a little nippy and the weather can’t decide what it wants to do. This can mean only one thing in Atlanta – it’s Christmas! Although the air is saturated with “Ho Ho Ho”s and Christmas cheer, these pockets of mine are not too merry. Making sure my loved ones have the happiest of holidays was priority number one. So, to keep with tradition (and slip a little hint to my friends), I thought long and hard about what I’d scribble on my “Please Santa” list this year.

Here goes.

1. Gold Ear Plugs (, $92 each): Since gauging my ears, I’ve been plagued with not being able to wear blinged-out ear jewelry. These 14K gold double flared plugs would ease my sickness with the quickness.

2. Alexander Wang Rocco Bag in Citrus (, $875): If this bag was to pop up under my Christmas tree, I’d owe Mr. Jelly Belly in a major way! I’ve longed for a Rocco for ages, and this colorway looks good enough to eat. Imagine me strutting down Peachtree in my favorite platform pumps with this sweet accessory on my arm. Fierce, darling!

3. Clark’s Desert Mali High Boot in Distressed Taupe (, $130): Clarks is my go-to place for casual footwear. If I’m not kicking it in sneakers or profiling in pumps, I’m in a pair of wallabees or desert boots. I stumbled upon these bad boys a few weeks back and had to have them.

4. Sam Edelman ‘Adena’ Smoking Flats in Dusty Rose (, $150): Now, I’m not a flats girl by any means, but Same Edelman’s styling on these are superb. The bead and spike combination says “I’m a bad ass with style.” Gotta love it!

5. Ray Ban Eyeglasses RX5150 in Tortise (, $160): I’m sad to report the theft of my favorite pair of eyeglasses. They were so cute, fashionable, and comfy. Now I’m on the lookout for another pair in the exact style and color of my favorites. I miss them so much. They made me look like an extra from That Thing You Do.

6. Huetiful Hair Steamer (, $115): As a 100% au naturale curly girl, my hair is in dire need of intense weekly hydration. A hair steamer is the best way to get these thirsty locks the fluids they need. 30 minutes under this hair steamer with deep conditioner in and hair cap on does the trick every time. Why should I keep shelling out $60+ biweekly for my natural hair stylist when I can do the same thing at home for Free.99?

I’ll happily accept these gifts, cash towards them, or gift cards to purchase them with. Thanks.

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