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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Leilanie

Christmas is coming! Unlike last years’ list, I somehow had a really hard time racking up ideas of what I want this holiday. So here goes things I’d appreciate at the moment or am really digging as of late.

1. FREE frequent flyer miles – If money wasn’t an issue, I’d haul my little tush from LA to the bay to all places north and east. I don’t even want to do much when I’m out there. Just breathe in the air, maybe visit a few thrift stores and eat! Oh, food!

2. Oracle cards – I recently spent some time with a few girlfriends who owned some of these cards. They read mine, and tell me why the three cards I picked were EXACTLY the subjects of what we just discussed during our lunch? Coincidence? Idk man, but I’m super into it right now!

3. Reflexology massages – I love these! I’m a pretty knotty girl that tends to always be on my feet, so these are a great way to relax on a budget. It usually comes as a 1-hr session where they soak your feet while they massage other parts of your body, then they spend at least 30 minutes strictly on your feet. It’s a great way to wrap up a tough day at work.

4. Donations – due to the recession, a lot of non-profit organizations have lost their funding and a lot of really cool indie projects are going unfunded. With that came helpful sites like Indiegogo that allows people to donate to any project they connect with. I hope that in the chaos of shopping for presents, we all find a few dollars to spare and help others. One group in particular is Sessions LA which is a music writing, production, recording, & DJ program for youth and young adults in Los Angeles.

5. Girl time – I guess my present for myself is to set more time with loved ones. Tying in with #2, I forgot how nice it is to share a meal with a group of fine witted ladies and just share some genuine laughs. I shouldn’t hold myself from those kind of moments.

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One Response to “What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Leilanie”

  1. Lila Robles Liz Robles says:

    Oracle cards are awesome! I’ve had a few decks in my time and they are fun and very interesting <3


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