What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Lauren

So folks, it’s that time once again . . . the most wonderful time of the year (thanks Andy Williams)! Being the immense consumer that I am, I’ve been carefully crafting a wish list of epic proportions of presents I am currently lusting after. I’ll be the first person to say right off the bat that some of the items I’ve chosen are never going to come into my possession, even if I have been on Santa’s good side this year. Unless of course any of you wonderful/amazing/delightful readers feel inclined to do so! With that said, I now present ‘What I Want for the Holidays 2011’.

1. A subscription to Lula Magazine (Amazon.com/$76.62)

This magazine was founded in 2006 by Leith Clark out of the UK. It is by far one of the most beautifully designed glossies available today. The pages of Lula are filled with fanciful photographs, bewitching illustrations, and fascinating articles. The magazine describes itself as being “the kind of girl you’d have a crush on. Or be intimidated by. Her style is all old-fashioned cameras, 70’s dresses, patterned stockings, heavy mascara. She’d live in an apartment where the wallpaper is peeling off, but it would be held together lovingly by a litter of poems and polaroids. Her CDs would be all over the floor, but she’d know the name of every one.” It really is a unique publication but, the only downside is the cost per issue, one will set you back $40. That’s why it would be phenomenal to get a subscription to Lula as a gift, plus it can sometimes be tricky to find it in stores.

2. Bond No. 9 New York – Mini Bon Bon Box (Bondno9.com/$140.00)

Being the avid beauty connoisseur that I am, it’s no surprise that I want to experiment with some new fragrances this season. What better way to test the waters than purchasing a ‘Mini Bon Bon Box’ from Bond No. 9 NY? This NY-based company located conveniently on 9 Bond St. in NoHo, offers up some of the most heavenly eaux de parfums this side of the Hudson. This gift sampler would make any perfume lover smile, especially this one.

3. The Mighty Boosh on Tour: Journey of the Childmen (Amazon.com/$34.45)

Anyone not familiar with the comedic stylings of the British comedy duo known as “The Mighty Boosh” should definitely check them out (think the 21st Century’s answer to Monty Python). Anyway, the pair has released an exclusive documentary DVD chronicling their experiences while on tour. Paul Stoke of NME Magazine has called it “A spleen-shatteringly funny portal into the heart of The Boosh universe.” This is a must-watch for any fan.
4. Pro Aluminum Makeup Case Pink Zebra 4 Wheeled Spinner (Yazmo.com/$179.95)

My makeup and cosmetic collection is perpetually expanding to the outer limits of my bathroom. That’s why an organizer like this one would be the ideal solution to my dwindling countertops. Plus, it comes decorated in hot pink zebra stripes, what’s not to love?

5. Simone Camille, Dilley, Carry all bag (SimoneCamille.com/$1,860)

In all honestly, I first saw one of Simone Camille’s bags gracing Miley Cyrus’ shoulder in an issue of People. However, that didn’t take away from how unique and ornate her handbags are. This price tag is obviously not for everyone however, that’s why this is only a WISH list after all.

6. Underwood Champion Portable of 1938 in red (myTypewriter.com/$695)

These were introduced in the late 1930s among a full line of Underwood’s portable typewriters, but Champion was the bestseller of the Underwood Typemaster portable line. This item appeals to my inner wordsmith. The look and feel of a vintage typewriter is incomparable to that of a MacBook or any laptop for that matter. This is a super gift to give any college student studying the humanities (wink, wink Grandma)!
7. Getting everything on wish list (PRICELESS)

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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2 Responses to “What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Lauren”

  1. Yee Yee says:

    Omg I would LOVE to see what your make up collection looks like! Those pink zebra make up cases are super cute!

  2. Lauren M. Berrill Lauren M. Berrill says:

    I know aren’t they the cutest? My makeup collection is out of control, it never stops growing! I can’t wait to see everybody’s wish lists this week!


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