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What I Want For The Holidays 2011: Emily

Coming up with a list of items I want from Père Noël this year was difficult until I realized it’s a wishlist; about an hour later I had to pry myself away from the internet and settle down with a latte.

1. Espresso machine
The aforementioned $4+tip drink got me to thinking: both my BF and [to a much lesser extent] I are expert baristas… HEY WAIT A MINUTE! I came home and had to squeeze this onto the list, without thinking about the other wish that would have to be added: a BF who would get up early to pull shots and steam soy. One can dream! There are some surprisingly fair-priced espresso machines on Amazon.

2. Suede Croc-Embossed iPad Case
I’ve been looking for a case for the iPad 2 that is chic yet protective (sorry Apple, the Smart Cover ain’t cuttin’ it).  I love crocodile-embossed anything, and these covers come with a personalized monogram in gold! Drool, drool, drool. $170, Neiman Marcus

3. Studded Leggings
Remember when Beyoncé got in trouble for rocking these?  Wait, Beyoncé’s not allowed to wear something? WHERE DO I GET IT. Here I’ve opted for the more subtle of options of the pairs from eLabel. $135, eLabel

4. Live! The World of Ike and Tina Turner on vinyl
A few years ago I got hooked on this live album.  Tina Turner is the Acid Queen goddess of rock’n’roll and funk, and her versions here of now-classics like “Get Back” and “Honky Tonk Woman” are sensational.  This was one group that you absolutely had to hear/see live; their studio work withers in comparison (I’d say a lot of stuff withers in comparison, but I’m biased).  The roommate who owned this album moved away, and I’ve since learned that they don’t print it anymore. I’ve yet to find a live album for purchase with this track list and/or these particular takes (but if you have the knowledge, lay it on me!).  So, vinyl it must be.  Hope Santa’s got a crate-digging elf on staff.  Or, I found it listed here.

5. Oversized Watch
I know I might be late to the party on this, but I still think this trend is hot, classy, and, best of all, mom-approved utilitarian. Coach Boyfriend Bracelet Watch, $348, Macy’s

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