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What I Want For The Holidays 2011: Elizabeth

This year like many other years I don’t shy away from knowing what I want for the holidays.

1. Crosley Record Player – I’ve been wanting a record player for a couple years now but after finding my David Cross -it’s not funny vinyl, all bets were off I needed a record I do have a couple other records laying around too.

2. SpoonFlower Gift Certificate – For my creative mind I’ve been wanting to try out Spoonflower’s services on custom print fabric. The possibilities are so tempting I already bought Spoonflower’s sample fabric swatches to see what I’m working with.

3. Vintage China – It seems that everyone when taking pride in there home have some sort of china set’s in there dining rooms. Having this on my list is also another motive in giving me a push in finding my own grown up place soon. And who wouldn’t want unique one of a kind plates. I found this one on Esty from a shop called Beat Up Creations.

4. Sony NEX 7 A new semi-professional nice camera is in dire need of my work! I’ve been eyeing these camera’s since their first generation last year. But this year they’re unveiling their new NEX-7 camera with OLED view finder I don’t know what that’s used for but my heart says I need this camera with all that goodness.

5. SFK Camera Strap – I have to be honest I wanted the camera strap first before the camera. Once I saw this on one of M.I.S.S.’s post I loved it! I daydreamed on how awesome my camera would look with this strap on. A must buy but once the I have the camera of course :)

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3 Responses to “What I Want For The Holidays 2011: Elizabeth”

  1. Yee Yee says:

    Damn the vintage china is really unique. I just checked it out on etsy and there’s a lot of cute ones! Wow I never seen anything like that before, cute. Etsy is one of my favorite online sites, you can find almost anything on there! :)

  2. omg i want that sarah kuhn camera strap too! only thing holding me back is that i don’t know how well it’d hold up w/my dslr :/

  3. Lila Robles Lila Robles says:

    I <3 Esty and @Sneakerette they sell heavy deluxe leather straps too!


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