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What I Want for the Holidays 2011: Alexis

I’m a simple girl, I don’t ask for much. I try to get by modestly so when I was asked about my fantasy holiday wish list, I didn’t hold back.

Starting from the top, Italy – no, I don’t want to own the country but I am itching to go back to Europe. I have traveled to Paris and Spain and I would love nothing more than to hop on a plane, ride first class and discover Italy. I would LOVE to pack up my husband, our daughter, some suitcases and just spend an entire month there. I would love to rent a villa in Florence for the first two weeks and then just make our way down the boot.  We’d end our trip discovering the land where my daughter’s great-grandfather came from: Sicily. True story, three years ago we were planning an Italian vacation – we even downloaded Italian podcasts to try to learn some conversational Italian. But then – surprise – I got pregnant! I’ve been itching to take this trip ever since!

Continuing with the Italian theme and the fact that I do not own a decent suit, I would love this classic Dolce and Gabbana pinstripe suit. The double breasted blazer retails at $1625/USD, white stretch cotton blouse at $325/USD and pinstripe flare slacks at $675/USD. I always wanted a classic pinstripe suit and you know that this would fit like a glove because those D&G boys love to dress a woman’s silhouette.

Next to the Dolce and Gabbana suit is a classic Chanel flap purse with a double strap. I really don’t need to say much about this iconic purse. If I ever were lucky enough to own one, I’d probably would request to be buried with it!

Above that is a bottle of a fragrance I recently discovered, Frederic Malle’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’, a very smoky oriental rose. This was created by one of Malle’s ‘Fragrance Author’s’ Dominique Ropion. Ropion is part of a team that Malle has called the top noses of the world. There are notes of cloves, cinnamon, roses, black currant, raspberry, sandalwood, patchouli, incense, musk, amber and benzoin. My skin first picks up the rose note but not for long because the spicy cloves, smoky sandalwood, incense and amber really comes through with a vengeance. This is not your typical girly, rose scent – it is complex and very sophisticated. I have been obsessing over it since the first time I tried it on my wrist at Barney’s about a month ago. It comes in a travel set, $130/USD, 50ml, $220/USD and the size pictured at 100ml, $300/USD. I figure why not go all the way with a luxury scent from one of the best niche fragrance line? I’ll be smelling fabulous and mysterious for a long time with this size of bottle!

And last but not least…SHOES! Not just any shoe but a Christian Louboutin Mary Jane Stiletto. How hot would this look paired with the Dolce and Gabanna suit? And of course with a pencil skirt,  fitted sweater and tortoiseshell cat eye glasses for that sexy, demure secretary look. I want to say that these fabulous mary janes run around $795/USD. I do know that these are the shoes I am wearing at my sexiest in my dreams!

I know, since I right about beauty products I would have featured some type of cosmetics or luxurious face cream. Well I thought I featured items that I think about when I’m not thinking about the latest Chanel, NARS or Le Metier de Beaute collection.

When I mentioned this post to my husband, he laughed and then I asked if he would just buy me a glossy fashion book on my Amazon book wishlist!

See…I’m easy to please it’s just not always economical…

Happy Holidays to you all!

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