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Suave Dry Shampoo Review

Ask any hairstylist and they will pretty much agree – shampooing your hair everyday is not the best move. By doing so everyday, you are essentially stripping your scalp of natural oils. The recommended shampooing routine should be every other day or for the hardcore – as long as you can go without. Okay for my oily scalp readers, the recommended routine is shampooing your roots only and condition tips of your hair. This is what I have researched, I’m not telling you to stop shampooing daily – just giving you an alternative.

I have graduated to shampooing every other two days – either actually shampooing and then sometimes I only rinse my hair with water and condition my ends. I have noticed the my scalp is nearly not as dry as usual. Also, second day hair is the starting point for bed head sexy!

But to those that still cannot fathom the thought of going without shampooing or for those that just need some refreshing after a lunchtime gym session, a dry shampoo is what you need in your arsenal. I never leave the house without it in my gym bag. Dry shampoo has also saved me on those mornings when I “accidentally” turn off my alarm on a Monday morning!

Beginning in January/February 2012, Suave will launch their Professionals Keratin Infusion line. These salon-inspired products transforms hair into sleek, smooth locks without breaking the bank. Formulated with Suave’s unique Keralock Technology, your hair will be beautifully conditioned and much easier to style. The Dry Shampoo is part of a 8 piece collection, including a 30 Day Smoothing Kit (interested in this on myself!). This is supposed to be comparable to Bumble and Bumbles Dry Shampoo but for a fraction of the price. I haven’t tried the Bumble version but I have tried another drugstore brand and I can safely say that I am impressed with Suave’s version!

I tried it after a very sweaty workout session. I followed the recommended directions: hold the can 8-10 inches from hair, shaking can well before and between sprays. I spray my roots, flipping my head over to spray the roots at the nape of my neck and I get the sides of my hair – my temples where I sweat the most. You can use your fingertips to distribute the powder (that’s what dry shampoo is) into your scalp, wait a few minutes then brush through. I used my fingertips since I didn’t have a brush. This sounds bad but I don’t always brush my hair – this was once of those times.

The first thing I notice is the scent – I haven’t used too many Suave products but I will say that this dry shampoos scent is reminiscent of the hair spray but maybe just a bit lighter and more of a citrus note. It doesn’t bother me at all. Others I have used in the past have an unpleasant heavy powdery scent – a bit on the matronly side.

The second thing I noticed with Suave’s dry shampoo is that it feels light and refreshing on your hair. I experience a heavy, powder feeling with my current drugstore brand and some other (high-end) dry shampoos I have tried in the past. Suave’s absorbs oil and the sweat in my hair really well. You know how sometimes your hair can look limp without regular washing – this does a great job of adding texture and keeping your hair from falling flat. For my dark haired readers, this didn’t leave a powdery residue on my roots like some dry shampoos have the tendency of doing.

I recommend this product to extend the life of your salon blowouts, after the gym or if you just need to freshen up your hair before your big party or date night out. It’s also recommended to use this after shampoo and style for added texture and volume.

Suave Professional Keratin Dry Shampoo will retail between $2.87 – $3.49/5 oz bottle. This collection will debut on a drugstore shelf near you Jan/Feb 2012. This was sent to me by the good folks of Suave for consideration.

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4 Responses to “Suave Dry Shampoo Review”

  1. Ooh good to know! I use John Frieda’s dry shampoo at times, and I love it – I’ll have to test this one out now too! :)


  2. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    I’ve tried their other dry shampoo which was pretty good. Very citrusy in scent but after one use, the valve clogged on me. Haven’t been able to use since :(

  3. I know that’s a common problem, fortunately that hasn’t happen to me yet. I use this sparingly, like after a brutal spin class during my lunch hour.

  4. Let me know what you think!


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