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Queens Boutique Launches Online Store

Ever been on the search for cool streetwear boutiques that cater to the ladies but end up disappointed realizing most of them hardly carry any cool women products? So there you are drooling over how nice the men products are and so you settle by copping the smallest size they have in hopes you can make it fit? I have and I’ve grown pretty tired of it.

But finally a boutique by the ladies for us ladies has been born and is making its presence known internationally. Appropriately named, Queens boutique is an urban lifestyle store based in Vancouver that is home to cut and sew and screenprinted women’s clothing, standout accessories, and a full-time nail artist for everyone to get their nails did with their shopping. It’s got the same sass and street attitude as menswear but specifically made for all the around the way girls. For months I have been jealous of all these Canadians looking super fly with their newly copped gear and freshly painted nails until today! Owner Rose Raflores has finally launched an online store for us international fans to get our hands on the goods and just in time for the holidays! It’s about time us queens claim our rightful thrones and do so in the right attire. Can I get an amen?!

Twitter: @crownthequeens

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2 Responses to “Queens Boutique Launches Online Store”

  1. Bella bella says:

    i love what they stand for! i really need that varsity jacket ASAP.

  2. Yee Yee says:

    I love their sweatshirts! QUEEN!


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