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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Cluzee, Android’s Answer to Siri

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Androids users may not have a reason to be jealous of their iPhone 4S owning friends anymore

Android users.  Have you been sitting there, giving the evil eye to your iPhone 4s toting neighbors, seething with quiet rage and jealousy as they get intimate with their personal assistant, Siri?  That’s a rhetorical question.  OF course you have.  Well, seethe no longer friends as Android’s answer to Siri has finally arrived in the form of…Cluzee!  Ok, so the name totally sounds like it either belongs to a children’s board game or an app that can give you a competitive edge in a tense game of Clue, but that’s totally not what it is at all.  Cluzee’s developer, Tronton, is actually  billing it as “your intelligent voice assistant”.  It’s similar to Siri in that it’s a voice operated response system that can easily interpret questions and commands.  It can also reserve restaurants based on your tastes, and find deals based on your buying habits.  The main difference between Cluzee and Siri, though, is that Cluzee can pull information from the internet while answering your questions.  Say, for example, that you need to go to a meeting downtown.  Cluzee can remind you that you need to go to the meeting and tell you which way to go using real time traffic data pulled from the web.

Cluzee is available now for free on the Android Market.

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